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Tim Teves


Traveling has always been fun and exciting but on the other side, there's a lot of struggling, carrying all the bags and luggage. Now with the Segway patented technology, integrated with the suitcase. The 90Fun created the first-ever Puppy1 the auto-follow suitcase bag. Giving you complete convenience when strolling at the airport or at your favorite cities around the world. The automatic baggage comes with a remote control that gives you the power to summon, order or just let the Puppy1 follow you. Equipped with Hi-tech fingerprint lock, with one touch the luggage opens effortlessly. The wheels and compartment are highlighted with interactive blue led lights making it a bit techy and fancy at the same time. You don't have to worry about catching this bag when it falls down cause it has a self-balancing feature. This Puppy gives quality, comfort, and awesomeness to your travel lifestyle.

Puppy1 Frillstash
Puppy1 Frillstash
Puppy1 Frillstash