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Wiral Lite

Tim Teves



If you're having a hard time setting up your tripod to take the perfect shot or finding a place to spot your tripod then get over it, the Wiral Lite solves all your problems. This is the perfect camera accessory that is portable, affordable, easy to set up and will give you awesome angles and great cinematic shots. You can attach your existing camera to the tripod thread, it can hold a GoPro up to a mirrorless camera that weighs 1.5kg. 

The advantage of this is you can shoot through narrow places like woods, crowded places, indoors or where drones are restricted or difficult to use. The Wiral lite is foldable and weighs only 1.3lbs. You can easily slip it into the pocket of your bag.


Fast and Easy to Set Up


It comes with an intuitive remote control that controls the speed up to 28mph, a quick reel with the length of 50 meters, a charger and a rechargeable battery that has 3 hours of battery life. 

Ideal to bring anywhere whether it's sports, lifestyle videos or professional video production. Additionaly, it features a time-lapse mode that switches the speed to three different levels so can get that dreamy skies. The Wiral Lite will give you the most remarkable shots.