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5 Powerful Battery Packs That Will Save Your Day

Tim Teves



Maxoak K2 Portable Powerbank 

Don't let size baffle you, this powerful power bank has the capacity of 50,000mAh with 6 output ports to charge all your devices at once. The Maxoak K2 can power your iPhone 8 up nearly 17 times, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus up to 14 times and your laptop up to whole day's worth of battery. This juggernaut is worth every penny.

ChargeTech AC Outlet Battery Pack frillstash.jpg

ChargeTech AC Outlet Battery Pack

Never ran out of battery again with the universal ChargeTech power bank. Built-in charging port for any event, the ChargeTech is the complete package. The rigid power bank has two USB ports powered with FastCharge technology that will rapid charge your battery's phone/laptop in an instant. With a 27,000mAh capacity, you'll never get stuck again next to an outlet. The compact device is perfect for your everyday life with the small and sleek design that you can just slide it in your bag.


RavPower AC Outlet Portable Charger

The rubber finish design RavPower Portable power bank comes in semi-rigid black case. It's armed with one USB-C port, two USB port and one AC outlet. With 27,000mAh capacity you can charge your gadgets numerous times even your laptop. Equipped with heat dissipation and energy-saving feature, the power bank will not waste a single juice of its battery. If you're always on the go this gizmo is ideal for you. You can charge faster the RavPower with the 19V/1.6A DC input.


Omnicharge 20

Small, black and powerful. The Omnicharge 20 with the gorgeous modern design that can boost up your devices in an instant. The portable power bank armed with AC/DC power outlet will allow you to boost the laptop, camera or tablet's battery besides that it got two lightning speed charging USB ports. It has a built-in LCD screen that manages the charging capacity of each device and it can charge all the devices at the same time with different power range. To the outdoor enthusiast and to the busy businessman this gadget will fit your lifestyle and power up your gadget's battery life. 


Mophie Wireless Charger

Charge your phone wirelessly with the Mophie wireless charger. The black round device charges your phone fifty percent faster than any wireless charger out there. All you have to do is put your smartphone on top of the wireless charger and everything will take care of itself. Featuring Qi wireless technology, the smart device activates charging immediately and ultra-fast. Covered with a black rubberized non-slip coating, you can leave your phone with a peace of mind.