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9 Cool Office Gadgets You Must Have This 2017!

Tim Teves


Lyfe Levitating Plant Frillstash

Lyfe Levitating Plant Pot

Add some minimal futuristic plant pot to your office desk with the Lyfe Levitating Plant Pot. No more soil required, the rotating microclimate and gravity-defying naturally nurtures the plant. The pot rotates slowly in a circle due to the use of the maglev technology. With the magnetic field feature, it enhances and accelerates the growth of the plant's metabolism. NASA studies say that by placing a plant in your office, it increases air quality, removes toxins and reduces stress level.


Magnetic Levitation Globe Map

Magnetic Levitation Globe Map adds a modern touch to your office desk. With the coloured LED lights and the floating globe, this looks really cool when the lights are off. This piece of art makes your table more inspiring. It works with electromagnetic technology making the earth to levitate in the air. This gadget is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to work and travel.


Back to the Roots Water Garden

If you like gardens and aquariums then the Water Garden Fish Tank by Back to the Roots is ideal for you. The fish tank is self-cleaning, so you won't have to worry changing the water again and again. The waste of the fish fertilizes the plants and the weeds take cares of the cleaning. You can grow five different plants you like in a super convenient way. The aquarium includes the tank, water pump, organic seeds and garden. Just add water and everything will manage itself.


Custom LightBox

Headstart your day by getting inspiration from the Custom Lightbox. Put up the important task or monthly's goals to get you focused all throughout the day. The cinema lightbox allows you to display your message for all your co-workers or guest to see. Put some daily motivation quotes or wisdom to encourage everyone around you. The box includes 100 letters, numbers and characters, it can operate with micro USB, DC adapter or with 6AA batteries.


LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp

Release your stress with LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp. Too cool to be true, you can watch a lifelike moving jellyfish in your office desk that can give you a smooth, tranquil and peaceful ambience. The gadget comes with two jellyfish, 18 different led coloured lights and a UL adapter. Great gift for anyone who loves the ocean.


Led Word Clock

Upgrade your digital clock to a unique Led Word Clock. The awesome timepiece is a set of words which are selectively highlighted to show you the correct time. Perfect for your office table or you can mount it on the wall. It's easy to set up, the clock comes with an AC adapter and there's a button on the side to configure the time. This word clock will let you look at the time differently.

713VSQjsBnL._SL1500_ (1).jpg

Skull Bluetooth Speaker

Put some music on to add some motivation and to release your stress with the Skull Bluetooth Speaker. Aside from the outstanding design, the skull is discreetly a high-quality speaker. You can connect via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm line cable. There's a button on the middle of the sunglasses to turn on and off. On the teeth, there's a circle which signals if the Bluetooth is paired and on the upper teeth you can see a button to increase or decrease your desired volume.


Desk Lamp with Message Board

For the workaholics, this desk lamp with is ideal for you. The neck is long and adjustable, you can move it around to where you need illumination. It comes with a USB plug and a highlighter pen with eraser. To turn on the light just tap the power button, you don't have to press because it is a touch sensor button. The lights have three modes, just keep tapping to get your desirable light and while holding the button it will turn on the message board. So you can put your important notes for the day or leave some sweet messages to your lover.


MoMA Perpetual Calendar

Put some futuristic touch in your office with the MoMA Perpetual Calendar designed by Gideon Dagan. This calendar is absolutely timeless, it can be wall-mounted or just put on your favourite desk. To adjust the date, simply move the sphere to mark the correct date and month. This stylish calendar can be used year after year so won't spend for another calendar again.