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Level Up Your Drinking Game with these Classy Decanters

Tim Teves



Stormtrooper Star Wars Decanter

Drink and impress your star wars comrades when you fill up your glass with the Stormtrooper Glass Decanter. Crystal clear and perfectly detailed especially when topped up with your favorite alcoholic drink. The stormtrooper glass is composed of high-quality super flint glass and can take up to 750 millimeters so the Emperor won't end up thirsty. It is securely sealed with a stainless steel topped cork. Inspired from the galaxy, far far away from the first film way back in 1976. So let your friends come over and give a toast to the dark side.

globe decanter2.jpg

Globe Atterstone Whiskey Decanter

Spin your tipple around the world with the Globe Attersone Whiskey Decanter. This is the perfect gift for your travel buddy or globetrotter companion. The glass rest on a wooden mahogany stained stand. Twirl the globe while releasing the natural aromas of your whiskey to experience the taste to a whole new level. The decanter comes with 2 globe glasses, a carrying bag, 9 whiskey stones, and an easy pour funnel. It can store up to 850ml.


Charging Bull Liquor Decanter

The charging bull symbolizes financial optimism and prosperity, it is the two things that everyone needs to have more. The drinking vessel is made up of brilliantly crafted lead-free glass decanter with colored glass accents. The bull can store up to 1000ml of your most-liked liquor and comes with a fancy tail stopper.

Skull Shaped Glass Decanter Frillstash

Skull Shaped Glass Decanter

Treat your liquor with the artisan crafted Skull Shaped Whiskey Decanter by the Royal Decanters. The glass can contain 750ml of beverage and comes with 4 bar glasses. In addition to the eye-catching details, the decanter works for any liquid. Serve your friends in style with the Skul Glass Decanter.

Everest Whiskey Decanter Frillstash

Everest Whiskey Decanter

Add some classy and artistic display to your home bar with the Everest Whiskey Decanter. The incredible craftsmanship piece comes in an embossed magnetic closure gift box with four elegant glass and a decanter that can hold up to 800ml. The glass is wide enough to put some whiskey stones or ice cubes to keep your beverage chilled. This decanter is perfect for occasions all year round.

royal boat frillstash.jpg

Denizli Spirits Barrel Decanter

Teaming up with the pirates as we sail into your favourite liquor. Inside the Denizli Spirits Barrel Decanter is a beautiful sculpture of a ship, as your tipple goes down the ship gets clearer. With the capacity of 850ml, you can put any kind of alcohol. At the top, there's a small opening for pouring and for the stopper so it preserves the quality of the tipple for a long time.

Atterstone Diamond Decanter Set Frillstash

Atterstone Diamond Decanter Set

Catch everyone's eye in the party with the stylish Atterstone Diamond Decanter Set. The unique diamond-shaped liquid holder is made up of borosilicate glass that rests on a mahogany stand handcrafted by master carpenters. The Diamond Decanter comes with two diamond scotch glass. It looks smaller than you think the glass can hold up to 1000ml of your beloved liquid.


 Diamond Cut Whiskey Decanter

Another beautiful Diamond Cut Whiskey Decanter made by Ashcroft Fine Glassware. This glass decanter is a showpiece for any bar. Beautifully designed stunning clear edges that is all 100% Lead-free. The Diamond Cut Decanter comes with four extra glasses and a classy stopper. It is also packaged with an embossed magnetic closure gift box, ideal present for your close friends and family.