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Mp Magic Socks

Tim Teves

Mpmagicsocks Frillstash

It's now time to stop using the ordinary socks. If you haven't heard about the MpMagic socks, it's the worlds best odorless socks. Their Indiegogo campaign was funded last 2017. The Mp Magic socks is the ideal socks for every day life whether for sports, office, adventure or travelling. Its available in many colors and different design. The magic behind the socks relies with the three infused metals Silver, Copper and Zinc with additional mineral substance . Silver is known for a great antibacterial metal, the copper kills the bacterias and zinc eliminates the odor. To my experience I've used this socks for days without washing, I was surprised and amazed at the same time how the magic works. It lives up to its name and delivers its promises but there's a flaw, what I noticed after my workout if my socks are wet, the odor stinks but not that strong compared to normal socks but after a while when it gets dry, the magic metals doing it's job then the stink disappears.

As for the advanced fabric technology, It has passed many health and fabric standard tests. The material is superb durable and breathable. The magic socks was designed to accurately match the shape of the human foot, to give you outstanding comfort . Overall, the Mp magic socks is pretty much versatile and a great value for its price made with the finest material. Now is a good time to switch to odorless socks. You don’t have to be embarrassed to take your shoes off anytime and anywhere.

mpmagicsocks Frillstash
Mpmagic socks
Mp magic socks Frillstash

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