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Home & Kitchen

Danish Fuel Box

Tim Teves



During the hard times of world war 2, the Germans required a unique compact design to supply the tanks and troops with only a limited source. Little did they know they came up with a design that was from the future. Until now, the Jerry cans never changed it remained rigid and unbelievably solid. Around 21 millions of Jerry cans were spread all over Europe with 1800 different models all duplicated from the Germans.

Innovating the classic Jerry cans design to your very own Luxury Danish Fuel Bar Cabinet. Adding some iconic look and industrial vibe to your home. Available in two colours with six different interior design. Nothing feels better than putting your main drinks in an ammunition box. It can fit up to 3-4 bottles, 4 long drink glasses and a cocktail shaker set. Without these cans, it would be impossible to win the war. The perfect gift for your fellow

Danish Fuel Bar Frillstash
Danish Fuel Bar Frillstash
Danish Fuel Bar Frillstash
Danish Fuel Bar Frillstash
slobber frillstash