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Health & Fitness


Tim Teves


Getting tired of pushing yourself to hit the gym, well the Plankpad solves the problem for you. Workout from the comfort of your home while playing games at the same time. Plankpad makes you forget the pain and the seconds you count while planking, it makes you focus more on playing and having fun. Plank has been one of the most effective workout eversince, but one of the most challenging exercise as well. Planking will help you benefit a better posture, prevents back pain, build six packs, strengthen muscles and increase your body's metabolism at the same time breaking your previous high score. The gadget works by placing your smartphone on the top portion of the pad and choosing your preferred game. The team created the games that are perfectly designed for the Plankpad. Aside from games, there's a workout section in the app that you can follow if you want the advanced training. 

The pad is armed with a sweat resistant foam to avoid slipping while training and it is made up of long-lasting high-quality wood with an eye-catching walnut finish. At the bottom of the Plankpad there's a handle for carrying. Lastly, it comes with a special mat to avoid damaging the floor, silencing the noise and prevents from slipping. This is truly a dream come true for the people who wants to play while exercising.