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Vinci 2.0

Tim Teves



Imagine a standalone headphone that got everything you need from fitness tracker, personal coach, music streaming, calls and notification without the need of your smartphone nearby introducing the Vinci 2.0, a headphone that behaves like a smartphone. From the creators of Vinci 1.5 that made the overhead earphone that nearly got $1 million of backers funding on Kickstarter last year. Now they push themselves even higher this time. Completely voice control and the first headphone with gesture control. Powered by AI technology that supports cellular and Wifi connectivity. Packed with two virtual assistants, Amazon's Alexa and Inspero's proprietary Vinci you can depend on voice command to do anything. Featuring a built-in bone conducting microphone that cancels out atmosphere noise to ensure the voice recognition is clear without the need of raising your voice. Supported by 20 languages and integrates with Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon Music and KKBOX without the assistance of your smartphone. Vinci 2.0 comes with up to 32GB of local data storage,  it's up to 8,000 songs without the internet connection. Share your music and listen together with your friends. This headphone is worth every single penny.

vinci 2.0 frillstash
Vinci 2.0 Frillstash
vinci 2.0 frillstash
vinci 2.0 frillstash