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Top Smart Innovative Bedroom Gadgets

Tim Teves


Motion Bed Light

Every time it detects a movement it automatically turn on and turns off after.

Shuriken Coat Hook

Decorative ninja shuriken that can also serve as a coat hook.

JBL Link

An oval-shaped 10 watts speaker with an 8-inch touchscreen all together powered by Google assistant.

Smart Blinds

Remote or smartphone controlled smart blinds.

Batman Bathrobe

100% Cotton iconic batman bathrobe.

Craft Faux Brick Wall

Replace your ordinary wall with black brick wallpaper. Easy installation, just peel and stick.

Night Lights

Stunning star projector. Have a relaxing and trippy lights in your room also good for parties.

Laundry Bag

A laundry bag disguised as the punching bag. Made of tightly woven fibers that can take your punches

Quicksafe RFID Access Shelf

It is the furniture that you see in the movies like James Bond or Kingsman Secret Service. Comes with RFID card for easy access.

Headphone Hanger

Convenient headphones hanger for safety and organize it orderly.

Scratch Off World

Remember and take note the countries you’ve been to.

Diffuser Alarm Clock

Touch control alarm clock, you can also schedule the aroma therapy diffuser to your preferred time.

Nanoleaf Canvas

Control the colors of your wall. More than 16 million colors to choose that also syncs with the music you select.

Glowing Charger

Glowing usb charger, makes it cool and easier to find during the night.

Ferrofluid Lava Lamp

Rocket ship shaped lamp with ferrofluid on the inside. It reacts on magnetic.

Safety Gun

Gun holster fits under table, kitchen table and cabinets. Always be ready.

Curved Samsung Monitor

49-inch Ultrawide monitor ready for your high definition games and movies.

Breakfast/Laptop Table

Portable table good for breakfast and tilt-able top laptop use. Includes one side drawer.

Clearaudio Concept Wood

Nothing beats the pleasure of listening to vinyl disc and crystal clear sound of the turn