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Party Must Have Gadgets 2019

Tim Teves


 Party Extras

Girls Led Light

You'll never go wrong with LED lights as it always add some kick to the design of the room.

Dice Drinking Game

Roll up and let the dice decide what you drink.


Not only this add class to your glass but it's one of the best way to drink your favorite whiskey.

Nebula Mars Capsule

It's always a nice idea to have something playing on the side. This is one of the world's smallest projector out there.

Coolest Cooler

Haven't you heard of the Coolest Cooler? It's water-proof, comes with a bluetooth speaker, has a built-in ice crushing blender and an extra usb outlet.

Dollar Bill Toilet Paper

Ain't this a fun thing to have in a party. Dreaming to have those dollar bill rolls is now available in the bathroom.


Not really useful but if you feel a little extra why not have a fancy chopsticks


No more waiting game for this one. Instantly chill your drinks under a minute.

Jumbo Ice balls

One big size ice is enough for on the rocks. With built-in funnels and silicone bottom, it's easy to fill in the tray plus easy to remove the ice.

Six Spheres Decanter

You can put two different kind of drinks all at once without mixing them.

Budlight Led Light

For the Bud Light fans, this is one beautiful LED light to put up to the walls.

Shock Roulette

One of the high-thrilling fun games to have in a party. Put your fingers and get ready to get shocked!

Beer Mustache

One funny accessory to attach to your bottle and to make sure nobody steals your drink.

Keter Cool Bar

Have a table that comes with functionality and style. Holding your drinks and keeping it cool at same time. This will surprise your guests.

Pool Beer Pong

Take your beer pong to a whole new level. One of fun things to do in a pool party. It can serve you as a floater as well.

Skull Shaped Decanter

This eye-catching decanter can hold up 750ml of liquor. Serve your guest in the most stylish way you can.

50 Caliber Bullet

Bottle Opener

A real bullet that was once fired made into a bottle opener.

Levitation Cup

This will make your drink stand out from the rest. Just another cool way to impress your guess.

Indoor Grill

With the smokeless feature, you can now grill your favourite tender juicy garlic butter flavoured steak in your home whenever you want. Plug it in and you're ready to go.

Popcorn Machine

Nothing beats the popping sound and the sweet smell of newly made popcorn.

Drinking Games

Freedom of Speech

This is one of the games that will surely make you laugh and think hard on how to describe the word that's been given without any action, rhyming or pointing. It comes with a timer to let your teammates guess before the time runs out.

Hot Seat

One of the fastest way to know your friends. This game will let you discover who knows you best and how weird they are thinking. You gotta set a rule that nothing goes out after playing this game.

Drunk or Stupid

This card game may get real sometimes. As you point out the person who really fits the description of the card. Nevertheless this game will make you burst laughing.

Spin the Shot

One of the simplest game but don't underestimate this, maybe it could be your unlucky night.

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

As what the title states, yes this game will make your night. The rules are pretty simple. Just draw one card at a time, read a loud and follow the instructions.

Shot Roulette

Fill the shot glasses with your favorite tipple. Place your bets and spin the roulette. Everybody wins at this game.


Role the dice and get ready as you get on board with a series of dares and drinking challenges.

Tic Tac Toe Shots

This game is easy as 1, 2, 3. The loser drinks all.

Game over booze

Bierstick Syringe

Only a beer doctor will give you the perfect drinking experience with almost no foam and mess. You can finish your 24oz beer in 3 seconds with ease.

Disposable Cups

Who doesn't like saving money and not taking care of broken shot glasses.

Double Header Bong

Always go for the double kill if you have the chance. Beer bongs always makes the party alive.

Double End Tailgater

Never let anyone leave the party not tipsy. You could be the hero of the party wearing this one.