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Coolest Office Gadgets To Have 2019

Tim Teves


Prism RGB Mousepad

Play around with the RGB illumination mousepad. There are 12 light zones which you can change color individually in the QCK Prism App. The lights are reactive to your games.

Yoda Bookend Desk

Display the collection of your most liked books with Master Yoda’s powerful force.

Executive Knight Pen Holder

Never lose your pen again, the Knight is always ready to hold your pen at your will. Also, the Knight Pen holder comes with a fancy black inked pen with a refillable ink.


Attach the Airbar to the screen of your laptop to make it touch screen.

Digital Clock Hidden Spy Camera

Secret camera disguised in a digital clock which you can monitor 24/7 in your smartphone.

Fidget Cube

Helps increase focus and improves productivity while working.


Burn that extra calorie you ate and keep your energy high at the office.

Floating Globe with LED

With the coloured LED lights and the floating globe, this looks really cool when the lights are off. This piece of art makes your table more inspiring.

Jellyfish Lamp Round

Too cool to be true, you can watch a lifelike moving jellyfish in your office desk that can give you a smooth, tranquil and peaceful ambience.

Flyte LYFE

No more soil required, the rotating microclimate and gravity-defying naturally nurtures the plant. NASA studies say that by placing a plant in your office, it increases air quality, removes toxins and reduces stress level.

Water Garden

The fish tank is self-cleaning, so you won't have to worry changing the water again and again.The waste of the fish fertilizes the plants and the weeds take cares of the cleaning. You can grow five different plants you like in a super convenient way.

Satechi Smart Monitor Stand

Lift up your monitor for the best view. It includes 4 easy access USB ports also headphone and microphone port abreast.

Cute Dog Lamp Touch Sensor

Stylish dog shaped kids lamp, made of beautiful asche wood. The touch sensor switch is at the top of dog’s head. You can choose from 3 illumination settings, high brightness, mid brightness and low brightness.

Floating Globe with Star Constellation

Explore the world with the eye-catching office decor. At night, switch on the LED light and it turns into a star constellation.

Stand Shelf

An orderly desk is a sign of an organised mind.

Echo Smartpen

Can document everything you hear and write. You can easily transfer the files to your computer by using the USB cable, you can experience the exact moment what happened to the meeting and replay how you write your notes.

Table Footrest

Rest your feet while working. It's also portable and adjustable to any vertical height you want.

Rocketbook Wave

The last notebook you'll ever buy. Write anything and save it into your smartphone. It comes with frixion pens, it is erasable with paper moist towel.

Skull Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Aside from the outstanding design, the skull is discreetly a high-quality speaker. There's a button on the middle of the sunglasses to turn on and off.

Word Clock

The awesome timepiece is a set of words which are selectively highlighted to show you the correct time. Look at your clock in a different way.

Desk Lamp with Notes

The neck is long and adjustable, you can move it around to where you need illumination. It comes with a USB plug and a highlighter pen with eraser. To turn on the light just tap the power button, you don't have to press because it is a touch sensor button.

Moma Perpetual Calendar

This calendar is absolutely timeless, it can be wall-mounted or just put on your favourite desk. This stylish calendar can be used year after year so won't spend for another calendar again.

Koogek Wifi Outlet

Have the total control of your outlet, you can even schedule and set timers. Moreover, it has three extra usb hubs for your smartphone or other devices.


Kingston Nucleum USB C

Offering you seven additional USB-C port hubs from only one Kingston Nucleum. Saving you a lot of space and allow to use all your device with ease.

Fireside Audiobox

Ain't this something cool to display in your office with real-time interactive fire that dances to every single beat of your music.

Cinema Light Box

If you want to achieve bigger goals, you gotta double down your productivity as well. This gadget will help you know to what and where do you spend most of your time.

Amazon Echo Spot

Your table secretary, offering you more features like listening to audible books, watching the news, add your to-do list or even your shopping list. Alexa is a top-notch intelligent device.

IronMan USB Flash Drive

IronMan right at your service. Giving you 16gb of memory. The eyes lights up when it's plugged.

Cable Drop

Studies says that, having neat and organized table can increase your productivity more.

Desktop Punching Bag

Sometimes you just have to let that stress go in order to do more work effectively.