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10 Gadgets Everyone Should Have This 2019

Tim Teves


Upscale your life and stay up to date with the top of the line gizmos, trackers, and gear. Whether you're on the go or just staying in the city, these gadgets are worth the money. So check out below all the cool and useful stuff this 2017.

Nebula Mars Portable Cinema

If you're having a hard time finding for a good portable cinema that is small, rigid with sleek design and complete package then you're looking at the best one this 2017. The Nebula Mars portable cinema has a two built-in JBL Speakers delivering you promising sound experience. You'll be able to play the portable projector even in daylight, 4k supported video. This gadget is definitely worth the bucks.


Kachula Adventure Blanket V2

Do you ever get tired of getting your blanket getting wet and covered in sand? The state-of-the-art Kachula Adventure Blanket is worth every single cent. It's sand proof and water-resistant. Both of the element is just sliding on the blanket, no more hassle of hanging the blanket to dry it. Furthermore, the adventure blanket is multifunctional, you can use it as a pillow or as a poncho and it has a hidden stash pocket where you can put all of your important stuff so it won't get wet.


Boosted Bar 2

Ditch the usual skateboard and use this magnificent Boosted Board 2 and save your energy. With the innovative board, you can speed up to 22mph for 6-7 miles per charge. The company learned a lot from the first version they innovated and engineered everything very well including the stronger breaks, faster acceleration and even uphill climbing with hub motors.


LG Electronics 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

The LG Oled TV earned the Ultra High-Definition certification. From the beautiful white light to the deepest range of the black with the richness of the color the smart TV will make it surreal. The USB is bigger than the 3-mm sub-thickness of the Ultra-slim LG TV. It contains 8.3 million pixels so the quality is five times better than every HD TV out there, bringing every color to life.


Fuze Card

Tired of having plenty of cards inside your wallet? The Fuze Card is ideal for you, the smart card can store all types of debit, credit, gift, rewards & gas card up to thirty cards. The eye striking device has built in feature of remote wiping technology, e-paper display, EMV chip technology and location tracking system in case you leave your card somewhere it will automatically alert you through your smart phone. If ever the card is stolen you can delete everything using your smartphone. The all-in-one card is perfect for your everyday lifestyle you don't have to worry about forgetting your cards at home.


Fitbit Alta HR

Introducing the latest and most advanced Fitbit smartwatch, the Alta HR. The slimmest wristband watch with the heart rate feature and with more precise calorie burn counter. Connect it with your smartphone, the smartwatch will send you notifications and alerts when you have messages, calls, alarms or reminders. Providing you with an auto sleep tracking system while recording your sleep stages, the watch helps you understand the quality of your sleep and wakes you up peacefully with a silent alarm and you don't have to worry about charging it every day, the Fitbit Alta Hr can stay up to 7 days without charging. Additionally, the wristband watch has interchangeable designs suiting your fashion style.


Lockstone by Vanacci

The cutting-edge gadget for enhancing and making your fragrance long-lasting, the Lockstone. Beautifully designed minimal necklace for everyday use. With a single spray to the item the scent will last seven times longer than you expected. Combined with high-tech polymer and precision turned metal the smart fragrance comes in three colors stainless steel, brass, and copper.


The Notebook

Stop buying notebooks all over again, get the long-lasting Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook. The state-of-the-art notepad that syncs the pages and saves it to your smartphone. Very easy to use, just write, scan and erase. The Everlast comes with Frixion pens, it feels really the same when writing or using the notebook but what makes it different is the pages are made up of an optimal synthetic polyester blend, utilizing the Frixion pens the pages are erasable with the use of a moist paper towel. 


Beosound 2

The Beosound 2 a conical shape powerful luxury speakers comes with superior sound system that gives 360 degrees sound experience. Beautifully designed aluminum frame speaker that shows richness in modern style and color. The speaker features a intuitive touch gestures that you can use to tap, turn and change music with one swipe when the smartphone is not in range. It is easy to set up you can connect it through bluetooth or wifi on your device, it has a multi-room setting to let the same music flow through your home.

Small, black and powerful. The Omnicharge 20 with the gorgeous modern design that can boost up your devices in an instant. The portable power bank armed with AC/DC power outlet will allow you to boost the laptop, camera or tablet's battery besides that it got two lightning speed charging USB ports. It has a built-in LCD screen that manages the charging capacity of each device and it can charge all the devices at the same time with different power range. To the outdoor enthusiast and to the busy businessman this gadget will fit your lifestyle and power up your gadget's battery life.